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Ush Dhanak

Ush always knew that something was missing and that there was something else she was meant to do besides working in her corporate career as a lawyer and then as Head of Human Resources. She didn’t know what that “something else” was until she came across Emotional Intelligence. As she studied this for herself, she also realised that some of the most successful people around her, and some of the people that she interacted with early on in her career had this missing X-Factor. Curiosity got the better of Ush and she not only studied this further, but she became a certified Emotional Intelligence Coach. Since then, Ush has worked with companies and individuals across the globe and is a sought after coach in the field of Emotional Intelligence.

Wanting to take the world of EQ even further, Ush became certified as a Proctor Gallagher consultant, being mentored by Bob Proctor. Since then, Ush has an even better understanding of how the mind works. Answers to questions such as how to we bridge the gap between knowing and doing, how to effectively overcome self sabotage and how to become an influential leader in the workplace.

Ush’s qualifications and certifications in Executive Coaching, Emotional Intelligence Coaching, Neuro Leadership and Mediation is complimented by working in the field. Ush has worked with a variety of corporate clients ranging from the Australia Federal Police, Smeg Australia, all the way to hospitality and dental.  Ush is also on the Board of Directors for Hunterlink, an employee wellbeing service. Having worked for clients across the globe from Australia, Shanghai, Canada and London, Ush’s experience will be second to none whether you are looking for corporate training or individual coaching.