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Providing Positive Shifts In Company Culture

By putting a focus on Emotional Intelligence, company benefits range from executive level retention, positive shifts in company culture, leaders that show resilience in the face of failure, teams that are faster at adapting to innovation, higher employee engagement all the way through the lower levels, and increased brand loyalty.

Corporate EQ Program

Over the course of 12 months, there is a 2 hours in-person session each month with Ush Dhanak. There will also be an additional 2 hours each month of required outside work that your team will work through.

The goal is not to take time away from any busy schedules, but to make each in house session as impactful as possible with immediately applicable results in the workplace culture.

From the very first meeting, team members are able to apply their knowledge as we introduce the impact Emotional Intelligence has on the workplace as well as for the employees in the lifestyles. 


Corporate EQ Program

  • Session 1 – Introduction to Corporate EQ Program.

How Emotional Intelligence  is used in the workplace. Your team will have their first glimpse of how they can grow a more positive company culture, gaining faster adaption to innovation,  create organic employee engagement and increase loyalty to your brand.


  • Session 2 – 10 – Corporate EQ Program Building Blocks.

Your team will begin to learn the building blocks to increased awareness, resilience, personal power, influence, creativity, innovation, behavioural self control and learn how to implement Emotional Intelligence into their workplace effectively. Working through a customised program, your team will begin to strengthen bonds and trust and become more self aware.


  • Session 11 – Presentation.

Your team will present their solutions to stakeholders, around two business challenges that they were focussed on during the Corporate EQ program.


  • Session 12 – Corporate EQ Program Next Steps.

This session is dedicated to continuing your teams future growth and how to move forward with all of the skills that they have learned. We provide support and personal care throughout the program.  When the program has finished your team will have the techniques to execute and grow a strong and loyal culture and  keep the  momentum moving forward into the future.


Emotional intelligence is proven to create a better workplace culture. Resulting in a harmonious work environment and team that will stay loyal to you brand.

Aside from learning components about Emotional Intelligence, the six key takeaways are:


Learning how to be empathetic towards different perspectives, and how to become a better negotiator.


By understanding and managing your emotions, you are better able to communicate with others.


Learn how to build stronger bonds with people in the workplace and become an emotionally savvy leader.


Better ability to take care of body and stress management.


With perspective change, many benefits include relief from anxiety, depression and mood swings..


Strengthening internal motivators, self confidence is increased and ability to focus on a goal is honed.


Additional benefits to the Corporate EQ Program are:

Fortnightly Video Check In’s for your team to ensure that implementation of modules are in play, plus a special add on for your HR team  – to find out more about what this is, please enquire below and a member of the Corporate EQ Program team will take you through this.

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