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Does your small business still manage all the HR in-house?

It’s not uncommon for Australian small business owners to look after many of the HR functions like recruitment, orientation, conflict resolution, policies and procedures, payroll, and training themselves – or at least with the help of a trusted assistant.

The mindset among some small business owners is that, while they would never attempt to configure a server themselves (and therefore always outsource IT), HR functions are ‘people issues’ for which they are more than adequately qualified.

Even if this is the case (and it usually isn’t!), the amount of time that HR functions take up prevents many small business owners from taking on the other important tasks involved in running and growing a business.

Deloitte’s 2016 Global Outsourcing Survey reported how outsourced HR is one of the main areas expected to see growth in the coming years, along with IT and Finance.

While that survey was aimed at bigger business, outsourcing HR is no longer the exclusive domain of corporations with billion-dollar turnovers.

Digital delivery of many HR solutions and the availability of a talented pool of HR professionals who have turned their backs on the corporate world mean that outsourcing HR has become practical for small businesses too.

So are you a likely candidate?