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Emotional Intelligence


Taking Emotional Intelligence to the next level.



Emotional intelligence (EQ)

Emotional Intelligence (also known as emotional quotient or EQ) was ranked 6th in the World Economic Forum’s list of top 10 skills that employees need.

Emotional Intelligence or EQ, is now more important than your IQ in determining success and overall happiness. With Ush, you will learn how to recognise and understand your emotions and reactions. Building your Emotional Intelligence will help you in a number of areas.

conflict resolution

Learning how to be empathetic towards different perspectives, and how to become a better negotiator.

better relationships

By understanding and managing your emotions, you are better able to communicate with others.


Learn how to build stronger bonds with people in the workplace and become an emotionally savvy leader.


Developing your EQ allows you to understand and manage emotions.

Increasing your EQ also has a major impact on how you make decisions and how you identify opportunities, which will substantially increase your chances of success. People with high EQ really do have the X – Factor.

How Does EQ Help Individuals?
  • You will develop increased self awareness. This basically means you are able to understand how your current mood affects your thoughts and decision making.
  • You will develop behavioural self control. Remember all those times you wish you hadn’t made a knee-jerk reaction? Well, this is easier to develop than you realise.
  • You will be able to demonstrate empathy and this is the number one skill in developing better relationships.
  • Resilience is the ability to bounce back, this is vital if you are to learn from failures at a pace that is quicker than average, you will be developing what we call grit.
  • Every time you say yes to something, you are saying no to something else. You will be shown how to develop your personal power, which will help you say no.
  • You will taken through the stages of how to develop your emotional intelligence over 12 months.

EQ for corporates

Looking for EQ for your team?

Emotional Intelligence is a more important factor in workplace success than technical skills. There is also clearly a need to make workplaces more emotionally intelligent i.e. have more emotionally intelligent people in your teams. This is crucial all modern workplaces, as you are giving your teams the gift of being able to reduce emotional stress.

How do you assess where you stand right now? Should you be doing more?

Do you want to increase collaboration in your teams?

Enable them to communicate better and influence?

All employees will get upset and have bad moods, argue and have bad days, how your workplace deals with this says a lot about your EQ.

Ush conducts her workshop in creative manner which is full of discussion, support and learning.

The workshops are tailored to suit the workplace needs, however the most popular method is a group session once a month for 12 months, followed by one on one coaching. This is a unique and highly effective form of training to get exponential results for your workplace

At the workshops, participants will learn:

How to develop greater self awareness, which leads to better workplace relationships.

Solve problems using right brain and left brain.

How to respond to change with resilience and empathy.

Reduce emotional stress and build trust.

Understand the habits of highly effective teams and how to use this in your own workplace.

How to increase creativity in their roles, which is linked to higher employee engagement.


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